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Welcome to Bay Area Transit! Whether you've been riding BART for years or are a newcomer to the Bay Area's extensive transportation network, this is the place to be to learn the best ways to get around the Bay Area:

BART System Map:

Welcome to BART!

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) provides rapid rail service from the suburbs of San Francisco to the Peninsula and beyond, with direct connection with both San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and Oakland International Airport (OAK). BART operates five lines and 45 stations, with a total track length of 104 miles. With extensions to Antioch and San Jose well on the way, BART is growing, and with it the community.

Quick Facts:

Ridership: 430,000 (weekday), 5th busiest rapid transit system in U.S.

Lines: 5

Stations: 45

Fares: Depends on where you're going and where you came from

Clipper: Yes (tag on, tag off)

Regions Served: San Francisco, Peninsula, East Bay

Regional Transit Connections: CalTrain, Capitol Corridor, ACE via bus

Real-Time Departures:  Yes, online & on station platforms

Frequency: Approximately every 15 minutes weekdays, every 20 minutes weekends

MUNI System Map:

Welcome to MUNI!

The San Francisco Municipal Railway (MUNI) is the main transit service provider for the City of San Francisco. Bus lines service destinations literally everywhere throughout the City, with very high frequencies for most routes. In a 7-by-7 square mile radius, MUNI manages to reliably operate 54 bus lines across San Francisco. And MUNI is one of the few transit providers that will provide you with some history and heritage - MUNI's two historic streetcar lines, the F Market and the E Embarcadero, utilize vintage streetcars ranging from the 1950s to the 1900s, including streetcars from Italy, the UK, and Japan. And, perhaps the most famous of them all, has to be the historic Cable Cars. These moving pieces of history have been around since the early 1900s, when it was impossible for automobiles to climb San Francisco's famous hills. The Cable Cars have stuck around to this date, and today they are part of San Francisco's long history.

Quick Facts:

Ridership: Around 700,000 (weekday)

Lines: 54 bus lines, 2 Heritage Streetcar lines, 3 Cable Car lines

Fares: $2.25 for adults, $1.00 for youths & seniors, children 4 and under ride free, $7 for Cable Car for everyone, $3.00 for seniors between  9 pm - 7 am

Clipper: Yes, but not for Cable Car

Regions Served: San Francisco, Peninsula

Regional Transit Connections: BART, CalTrain

Real-Time Departures: Yes, including real-time at some stops

Frequency: Buses run approximately every 5 - 15 minutes, with some providing more frequent or less frequent service, please refer to system map to check frequencies for each bus line. F Market runs every 5 - 10 minutes, E Embarcadero runs on weekends every 15 minutes, Cable Cars run every 10 minutes

MUNI Metro System Map:

Welcome to the MUNI Metro!

The MUNI Metro is a quick way to reach all of San Francisco's destinations, with underground connections to BART along Market Street. The MUNI Metro is made up of six lines, which together operate both overground and underground traversing the City. And with stops at all Market Street BART Stations, CalTrain at 4th & King, AT&T Park, San Francisco State University, and San Francisco's most famous neighborhoods, it's no wonder the MUNI Metro is the third busiest light rail system in the U.S.

Quick Facts:

Ridership: 214,600 (weekday)

Lines: 6 (T Third Street & K Ingleside are linked & operate together)

Stations: 33 (9 subway, 24 surface, as well as an additional 87 surface stops)

Fares: $2.25 for adults, $1.00 for youths & seniors, children 4 & under ride free

Clipper: Yes

Regions Served: San Francisco

Regional Transit Connections: BART, CalTrain

Real-Time Departures: Yes, online & on station platforms)

Frequency: Approximately every 5 - 20 minutes

AC Transit (Downtown & North Oakland) System Map:

Welcome to AC Transit!

AC Transit is one of the largest transit service providers in the Bay Area - Service stretches from Richmond all the way down to Fremont, with most bus service located in Oakland. AC Transit connects 13 communities with efficient service across the East Bay, day and night, accessible to everyone. AC Transit connects with BART at 18 stations, with discounted BART-to-bus transfers available at each station. And, AC Transit is the only bus service agency to provide transbay access to and from San Francisco, further depleting the cars on the road.

Quick Facts:

Ridership: Around 236,000 (weekday)

Lines: 149

Fares: $2.10 for adults, $1.05 for youths (5-18) & seniors,  $4.20 for transbay adults, $2.10 for transbay youths & seniors

Clipper: Yes, subtract 10 cents for adults, subtract 5 cents for youths & seniors (does not apply to transbay riders)

Regions Served: East Bay, San Francisco (transbay service)

Regional Transit Connections: BART, Capitol Corridor

Real-Time Departures: Yes, but not at bus stops

Frequency: Varies by bus line

VTA - Light Rail System Map:

VTA - Bus & Rail System Map:

Welcome to VTA Light Rail!

VTA's Light Rail System is one of the most efficient and far-stretching light rail systems in the Bay Area, directly passing through Downtown San Jose and connections to San Jose International Airport two stops above Downtown. VTA Light Rail also connects with CalTrain at numerous stops, including San Jose Diridon, a major transfer point, and Mountain View Station. Connections to ACE and Capitol Corridor are also easily achieved at San Jose Diridon, making VTA's Light Rail network one of the most accessible transit networks in the Bay Area. VTA also operates 82 bus lines throughout San Jose and Silicon Valley.

Quick Facts:

Ridership: Around 35,000 (weekday)

Lines: Light Rail: 3, plus 1 peak hour express line, Bus: 82

Fares: $2.00 for adults, $1.75 for youths (5-18), $1.00 for seniors

Clipper: Yes

Regions Served: South Bay, Peninsula

Regional Transit Connections: Capitol Corridor, CalTrain, ACE

Real-Time Departures: Yes

Frequency: Light Rail: 15 minutes, Bus: Varies

CalTrain System Map:

Welcome to CalTrain!

CalTrain is one of the oldest rail systems on the West Coast, beginning in 1864. But it wasn't until 1985 that CalTrain adopted its name, and since then, ridership has boomed. Daily weekday ridership on CalTrain now reaches nearly 60,000, up an astonishing 71% since 2010 just five years ago. CalTrain runs directly north-to-south and south-to-north, giving commuters an easy way to get from the Peninsula to San Francisco in the morning, and vice versa in the evening. CalTrain stops at San Jose Diridon Station, a major transfer point for riders in the South Bay. CalTrain has direct bus connection to San Jose International Airport and Levi's Stadium, as well as direct train connection to SAP Center, AT&T Park, and BART at Millbrae. CalTrain has a rich history that refuses to stop - electrification of the system is well underway.

Quick Facts:

Ridership: 61,200 (weekday)

Lines: 1

Fares: Depends on where you're going & where you came from

Clipper: Yes (tag on, tag off)

Regions Served: San Francisco, Peninsula, South Bay

Regional Transit Connections: BART, Capitol Corridor, ACE

Real-Time Departures: Yes, online & at most stations

Frequency: 5-15 minutes during rush hour, varies off-peak hours

Amtrak - Capitol Corridor System Map:

Welcome to Capitol Corridor!

Amtrak's Capitol Corridor is the absolute best way to get from anywhere in the Bay Area to the Sacramento Region. There are so many attractions and sites Capitol Corridor can take you - to UC Berkeley, UC Davis or Santa Clara University, to Jack London Square in Oakland, to Old Town in Sacramento, to the Oakland Coliseum and Oracle Arena, to Six Flags/Great America, and on and on the list goes. Nearly all trains terminate at Sacramento Station, with one train a day continuing to Auburn via Roseville & Rocklin, and one train that starts at Auburn and terminates at Jack London Square.  Each train is equipped with electric plugs and free Wifi, as well as a dining car, making grabbing a snack or finishing a project on your laptop at your fingertips as you speed to your destination. And, with so many transit connections ranging across the Capitol Corridor System, you can easily reach San Francisco in a number of ways, including the SF Bay Ferry at Jack London Square.

Quick Facts:

Ridership: 5,178 (weekday)

Lines: 1

Fares: Depends on where you're going and where you came from

Clipper: No

Regions Served: South Bay, East Bay, Davis, Sacramento Area

Regional Transit Connections: BART, ACE, CalTrain, San Francisco Bay Ferry

Real-Time Departures: Yes, online & at stations

Frequency: Varies

Altamont Commuter Express (ACE) System Map:

Welcome to ACE!

There are thousands of people that reside in Stockton, Manteca, Lathrop, and Tracy, that all commute to the Bay Area. Thankfully, there's a transportation option through the Central Valley towns and cities, the Tri-Valley, and the South Bay. Altamont Commuter Express, or ACE, is used by thousands every day which climb over Altamont Pass to the Bay Area from their homes in the Central Valley. ACE travels through some of the fastest-growing cities in California - Dublin's population is expected to nearly double by 2035. There are dozens of bus connections with ACE that are timed to the arrivals and departures of ACE trains, including routes straight to BART, Lawrence/Sandia Livermore Laboratories and Stanford University. It's quite possible to ride ACE and switch to BART to reach dozens of destinations throughout the Bay Area.

Quick Facts:

Ridership: 3,700 (weekday)

Lines: 1

Fares: Depends on where you're going and where you came from

Clipper: No

Regions Served: South Bay, East Bay, Central Valley, Stockton Area

Regional Transit Connections: BART, CalTrain, Capitol Corridor

Real-Time Departures: Yes

Frequency: Varies 

SamTrans System Map:

Welcome to SamTrans!

SamTrans is partnered with Caltrain and runs all bus services in the Peninsula region, between Daly City and Palo Alto. A few lines travel to San Francisco International Airport and even the City of San Francisco, and many routes connect with BART & CalTrain stations throughout the Peninsula. With a 446-square mile service area and over 13,000,000 riders every year, SamTrans plays a critical role in getting people around in the Peninsula, one of the fastest-growing regions in the Bay Area.

Quick Facts:

Ridership: 46,070 (weekday)

Lines: 76

Fares: $2.25 for adult cash, $2.05 for adult Clipper, $1.10 for youths & seniors/disabled cash, $1.00 for youths & seniors/disabled Clipper

Clipper: Yes ($2.05 for adult Clipper, $1.00 for youths & seniors/disabled Clipper)

Regions Served: Peninsula, San Francisco

Regional Transit Connections: BART, CalTrain

Real-Time Departures: Yes, but not at bus stops

Frequency: Varies

Welcome to County Connection!

With 23 local routes and 7 express routes, County Connection is the largest bus service provider in the East Bay east of the Oakland and Berkeley Hills. Forced to slash service during the recession, County Connection is currently experiencing a "rebirth," forming new lines and extended service each year. In the past few years, when a few lines were made free courtesy of varying sources, ridership increased over 400%. Each month, around 30,000 pounds of Carbon emissions are reduced to rubble by the riders of County Connection. Without buses, 5,000 cars would be added to our awful roads every single day. County Connection's 30 combined lines serve Bishop Ranch and Shadelands Business Parks, the Willows & Sunvalley Shopping Malls, DVC, JFK University, BART, Amtrak, and many more destinations made ready to explore when you ride the bus and ditch your SUV at home.

Quick Facts:

Ridership: Around 11,627 (weekday)

Lines: 30 (23 local, 7 express, not including weekend lines)

Fares: $2.00 for adult/youth, $1.00 for seniors/disabled (seniors/disabled ride free 11-2 PM

Clipper: Yes

Regions Served: East Bay

Regional Transit Connections: BART, Amtrak

Real-Time Departures: Yes, but not at bus stops

Frequency: Varies

Welcome to WHEELS!

WHEELS is the service provider for the Tri-Valley - Dublin, Pleasanton, and Livermore, with additional service to Pleasant Hill & Walnut Creek BART. Like County Connection, nearly all bus lines stop at BART, with some traveling to ACE stations in the Tri-Valley. WHEELS heavily serves Hacienda Business Park, with 18 lines stopping at Dublin/Pleasanton BART, within Hacienda's limits. Lines 1, 3, 8, 9, 10, and 54 all travel through Hacienda in some way, with many more traveling around the Business Park. Other destinations include Downtown Pleasanton, Stoneridge Mall & West Dublin/Pleasanton BART, Downtown Livermore, Lawrence/Sandia Livermore National Laboratories, and ACE Stations. With the Tri-Valley expanding by the thouands every year, WHEELS is essential to the future of the Valley.

Quick Facts:

Ridership: Over 2,000,000 (annual)

Lines: 19 (including RAPID, 8a & 8b, and 12 & 12X)

Fares: $2.00 for adult/youth, $1.00 for seniors/disabled

Clipper: Yes

Regions Served: East Bay (Tri-Valley, Walnut Creek)

Regional Transit Connections: BART, ACE

Real-Time Departures: Yes, online & at some bus stops

Frequency: Varies

SolTrans System Map:

Tri Delta Transit System Map:

Fairfield & Suisun Transit (FAST) System Map:

Vacaville City Coach System Map: