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Special Features of the Fleet of the Future

Posted on April 6, 2016 at 9:35 PM

You may be wondering how BART's Fleet of the Future will improve on the current aging fleet. To put it in a specific point of view, BART's new cars will be...

  • Cooler - Air conditioning will flow directly to a car's ceilings for more comfort for standees.
  • Quieter - Micro-plug doors will seal out much more noise than the current ear-piercing fleet.
  • Intuitive - Automated announcements are coming (thank goodness), along with digital maps of the BART system showing you exactly where your train is and what the next stop is.
  • Roomy - Seats will not stick out as much as they do now, with much more space for standing folks. The height of the car is also taller.
  • Quicker - Three doors allows for passengers to onboard and off-board much faster.
  • All-Types-of-Passengers Friendly - Much more priority seating (priority seats are even colored a separate color), polls and straps to hang on to, bike racks inside the car, and wheelchair areas make BART's new cars meant for every type of rider.

For BART, a system that is lagging behind transit agencies all over the world, these new cars are a necessity if the rapid transit agency wishes to transport an expanding Bay Area and compete with other systems in America.

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