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Super Bowl 50: Everything You Need to Make it Out Alive in San Francisco

Posted on January 24, 2016 at 12:35 AM

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard the 50th Super Bowl is coming to the Bay Area. The Super Bowl, for MUNI at least, will be a dreaded nightmare, with hundreds of thousands of people in Soma and the Financial District of San Francisco days before the Super Bowl.

There are a few things you can do to survive San Francisco (in terms of public transit) while Super Bowl festivities are held Downtown. First, you can download this helpful guide from the SFMTA:

You can also look at this slightly confusing map showcasing Super Bowl territory and bus detours while the celebrations take place. There are helpful descriptions of each route detour below the map as well (note the 23 & 38R reroutes have been updated below):

All MUNI lines, albeit the E Embarcadero, will be in service when the Super Bowl hits the City between January 23rd and February 12th. Here is a list of bus & streetcar reroutes:

  •  F Market & Wharves: F shuttle buses will run from the Castro to Ferry Plaza, and F Historic Streetcars will run from Fisherman's Wharf to the Ferry Plaza; you can transfer directly between the shuttles and the streetcars. F shuttles will reroute onto Mission, off Market, between Beale Street and the Ferry Plaza.
  • 1BX California Express (PM Only): The 1BX's terminal at Pine & Davis will be moved to Pine & Front streets.
  • 2 Clement: The 2's regular terminal, at Mission & Main streets, will be moved to Sansome & Sutter streets. You can transfer to the F shuttles at Market & 1st.
  • 3 Jackson: The 3's normal terminal, at Bush & Montgomery streets, to Sutter & Kearny streets.
  • 6 Haight/Parnassus: The 6 normally terminates at the Ferry Plaza, but will be moved to Market & Front Streets during the Super Bowl.
  • 7X Noriega Express: Like the 6, the 7X usually terminates at Ferry Plaza, but will be changed to Market & Front streets.
  • 9 San Bruno/9R Rapid: Again, the 9 normally terminates at Ferry Plaza, but will also be rerouted to Market & Front streets.
  • 14X Mission Express: In the morning, the inbound terminal will be relocated from Mission & Steuart streets to Mission & Main streets. In the evening, the outbound terminal will be relocated from Howard & Spear streets to Pine & Front streets.
  • 21 Hayes: Perhaps the line you see the most at the Ferry Plaza, waiting to leave, the 21's terminal at the Ferry Plaza will be moved to Mission & Beale streets.
  • 30X Marina Express: In the morning, the inbound terminal will change from Howard Street at The Embarcadero to Sutter and Sansome (near Market). In the evening, the outbound terminal will change from Howard & Spear streets to Pine & Front streets.
  • 31 Balboa: The 31's inbound terminal at Ferry Plaza will be moved to Mason and Turk streets (near Market Street).
  • 31AX/BX Balboa Express (PM Only): The inbound terminal at Davis & Pine streets will be moved to Pine & Front streets.
  • 38 Geary/38R Rapid: "

    Inbound 38 and 38R buses will re-route off of eastbound Market Street to eastbound Mission Street via 2nd Street, then turn right on to southbound Beale Street to reach the Transbay Terminal. Temporary 38 inbound stops will be in place at 2nd and Stevenson Streets (on the west side of 2nd) and on Mission and Fremont streets (on the south side of Mission).


    Outbound 38 and 38R buses will route to Market Street via Beale Street instead of Fremont Street. Outbound 38 stops will not be served at Mission and Beale streets and Fremont and Market streets." - Courtesy

  • 38BX Geary Express: The regular terminal at Davis & Pine streets will be moved to Pine & Front streets.

  • 41 Union: The 41 will relocate from the Transbay Terminal to Clay & Drumm streets.

  • 81X CalTrain Express: The 81X will not serve any stops on Kearny and Bush streets, and will instead turn straight on to Market.

  • 82X Levi Plaza Express: The 82X will reroute after the Transbay Terminal and will continue along Main & Howard, Mission, Beale and then turn on Market. It will then turn on Sutter/Sansome and resume regular routing.

So that, in a nutshell, is what Super Bowl will do to MUNI. Prepare wisely, and remember any reroutes could change at a moment's notice. We will try to keep up to date with the most current MUNI reroutes in the next several days.

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