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AC Transit Service Changes in Effect Sunday, August 23rd

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AC Transit is continuing its goal to add 27,000 additional hours of transit service to the East Bay! Continuing August 23rd, 2015, multiple lines will see new schedules, more frequent service, additional service, or removed service.

Line 14:

Instead of a bus every 30 minutes in the middle of the day, Line 14 will have new schedules added to decrease the wait to every 15 minutes. Other minor schedule changes will occur as well.

Line 62:

With added commute hour trips, Line 62 will operate more frequently in the morning and evening, with a bus every 15 minutes. Minor changes will occur as well.

Line 76:

Two weekday trips, leaving Hilltop Mall to El Cerrito del Norte BART at 7:13 AM and 2:24 PM, will be added to Line 76.

Line 97:

Several very early morning trips, starting before 6:00 AM of weekends, will be discontinued on Line 97 in both directions.

Line 215: 

Line 215 will be extended to Northwestern Polytechnic University on Warm Springs Blvd. at Lippert Avenue, as well as schedule changes to coordinate with Lines 217 and 239. Schedules will be 60 minutes apart.

Line 239:

Line 239 will be extended to Dixon Landing Road via Milmont Drive to Kato Road and Page Avenue. Schedule changes will better service Northwestern Polytechnic University.

Line 800:

On Friday nights and Saturday mornings, Line 800 will operate more frequently, with service every 20 minute from 12:30 AM to 6:30 AM. On Sunday mornings, buses will run every 30 minutes, from 6:30 AM to 7:30 AM. Other schedule changes (minor).

Line 801:

On Friday nights and Saturday mornings, Line 801 will operate more frequently between Downtown Oakland and Bay Fair BART, with service every 20 minutes from 12:30 AM to 6:30 AM. Below Bay Fair BART, service will run every 60 minutes. Service will be extended to 7:30 AM on Sunday mornings. Other minor schedule changes.

Line F (Transbay):

Two very early morning trips, before 5:30 AM, will be discontinued on weekends in both directions. There will be minor schedule changes on weekdays and weekends.

Line NX4 (Transbay):

Three evening trips will be added to the NX4, leaving the San Francisco  Temporary Transbay Terminal at 3:45 PM, 5:00 PM and 5:30 PM.

There will be other minor schedule changes made to the 11, 18, 20, 21, 57, 65, 72R, 99, 212, 217, 232, 618, 642, 643, 646, 648, 650, 653, 654, 655, 657, 658, 660, 662, 663 and G. Schedule changes made to the 649, 682 and 696 in June will take place as soon as the school year begins.

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AC Transit Fuel Cell Bus Exceeds 20,000 Hours!

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An AC Transit Hybrid Electric Bus, with an installed fuel cell manufactured by UTC Power, has exceeded 20,000 hours of service! The fuel cell was expected to only reach up to 5,000 miles and last only one year in an AC Transit bus.


This single fuel cell has reduced CO2 emissions by 1,134,000 pounds! This is equivalent to planting 13,189 trees and removing 108 vehicles every year.


AC Transit began running zero-emission hybrid electric vehicles back in 2001. In 2005, AC Transit purchased three more Van Hool buses with built-in fuel cell power.


This tremendous accomplishment proves the potential that fuel cells have in public transportation and improving the environment. For more information, visit

Temporary AC Transit Bus Stop Closure in North Richmond

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On August 1st, stops on Fred Jackson Way will be closed during a community block party in Richmond. The closure will last from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Line 76 stops on on Fred Jackson Way at Chesley Avenue will be closed. Board on Fred Jackson Way at Duboce Avenue or Grove Avenue.

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AC Transit Bus Stop Near Contra Costa College Temporarily Out of Service

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Due to construction, an AC Transit Bus Stop on Mission Bell Drive at College Lane will be temporarily closed. Lines 72, 72R, 74 and 76 will not serve this stop. Board at Contra Costa College or on College Lane at Mission Bell Drive.

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AC Transit Detours During Art & Soul Festival in Oakland

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From July 31, 7:00 AM to August 3rd, 3:00 AM, AC Transit Bus Lines 14, 20 40, 26, 31, 88, 1R, 800, and 801 will be rerouted for Oakland's Art & Soul Festival.

The following streets are closed:


  • 14th Street between Martin Luther King Jr. Way and Broadway
  • 12th Street between Jefferson Street and Broadway
  • Clay Street between 11th Street and 16th Street
  • Jefferson Street between 11th Street and 15th Street

Lines 14, 20 and 40 to Downtown Oakland will not service bus stops on 12th Street at Broadway and Clay Street. Line 14, 20 and 40 will not be detoured the opposite direction.

Board Line 26 to Lakeshore Avenue on 14th Street at Martin Luther King Jr. Way or Harrison Street. Board Line 26 to Emeryville on 14th Street at Franklin Street or Brush Street.

Board Line 31 to MacArthur BART on 12th Street at Martin Luther King Jr. Way, or at on 8th Street at Broadway. Over the weekend, Line 31 will not service stops on 12th Street but will service its terminal on 11th Street at Jefferson Street. Line 31 to Alameda Point has no scheduled detours.

Board Line 88 to Berkeley BART on 12th Street at Webster Street or Martin Luther King Jr. Way. Service to Lake Merritt BART is not affected.

Line 1R will be detoured only on the weekends. The 1R to Downtown Oakland will not service 14th Street at Broadway, the last stop. Southbound service will begin on 11th Street at Broadway.

Board Line 800 to San Francisco on Broadway at 14th Street. To Berkeley and Richmond, board on Broadway at 17th Street, 7th Street at Jefferson Street, or the temporary stop on Broadway far side 14th Street at the Line 72 Stop. Board Line 801 to Fremont BART on Broadway at 12th Street.

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AC Transit Alters Transbay Service During BART's Transbay Tube Closure

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During BART's Transbay Closure August 1st and 2nd, AC Transit will modify its Transbay Bus Service.

Southbound bus stops on Broadway at Thomas L. Berkley Way (20th Street) in Downtown Oakland will be moved to accommodate BART's Lifeline Bus Service. For more info, click here.

AC Transbay Buses F and O will reroute to take advantage of bus-only access to the Bay Bridge via West Grand Avenue during the Transbay Closure. For more info, click here.

The Lifeline Bus Service will not affect AC Transit's normal bus lines in the Uptown Transit Center, and no schedules will be affected.

We encourage you to try to avoid transbay travel as much as possible, as each alternative - buses, cars, ferries, will be noticeably more crowded than normal weekends.

AC Transit Detours in Fremont July 31st - August 2nd

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During the City of Fremont's Festival of the Arts starting July 31st, AC Transit Buses 99, 212, 251, and 801 will reroute from 5 PM on the 31st to Midnight on August 2nd. 

Lines 99 and 801 to Fremont BART will serve stops on Fremont Boulevard at London Common (opposite Country Drive) and at Fremont BART, but not between these two points.

The 99 and 801 to Bay Fair BART will service normal stops at Fremont BART and at 38932 Fremont Boulevard, but not stops between these two points.

Line 212 will not serve stops between Fremont Boulevard at Sundale Drive and at Fremont BART in both directions. Line 251 will not serve stops between Fremont BART and on Paseo Padre Parkway at Mowry Avenue in both directions.

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Detours on AC Transit Lines F and O August 1st & 2nd

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AC Transit Transbay Lines F and O will be detoured August 1st and 2nd for BART's Transbay Tube Closure. 

The last normal stop for the F to San Francisco will be 40th Street at Harlan Street, in Emeryville. The F to San Francisco will service a temporary stop on Hollis Street at 40th Street, opposite Home Depot. The first normal F stop to Berkeley will be on 40th Street at Hollis Street, in Emeryville.

Line O will not serve the normal stop in Oakland on 7th Street at Alice Street. A temporary stop is available at Harrison Street at 8th Street (Line 20 stop).

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AC Transit's Service Expansion Plan Needs Your Input!

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AC Transit has developed 40 new, expanded and improved routes and schedules for the East Bay to deliver more frequent and more reliable service in the East Bay.

This Service Expansion Plan, initially available for review earlier this year, is open again to the public before it is approved by the AC Transit Board of Directors.

The Measure BB reauthorization will provide AC Transit with $30 million in sales tax revenue to manage service and carry out maintenance of equipment and facilities. AC Transit will be able to expand bus service by 14%.

Comments and input will be taken through July 31st. You can:


  • Comment online at,
  • Email AC Transit at [email protected],
  • Call (510) 891-7293
  • Send a letter by US Mail to AC Transit Planning Department: SEP Comments, 1600 Franklin St., Oakland, CA 94612

Spanish speakers can call (510) 891-7291 to speak in their native language. People who speak Mandarin or Cantonese can call (510) 891-7292.

For more information, visit

AC Transit Now Has Real-Time Departures!

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AC Transit has teamed up with Google to provide real-time information to all its passengers. In addition, trip-planning can be performed on AC Transit's website and the 511 Transit Trip Planner. Real-time is now available on all AC Transit Buses.

AC Transit Board of Directors President Chris Peeples said, “Google Maps is a very popular trip planning tool for our riders. Adding real-time trip updates allows better planning and more certainty, and saves our riders time. It makes a great tool even better."

In addition to real-time and trip planning, riders will now be able to see delays, reroutes and the cause of reroutes systemwide. Alerts are imported straight to AC Transit's website.

Peeples said, "The addition of service notices alerts riders to current and upcoming changes such as detours due to construction, parades and other major events.”

A new application programming interface (API) allows developers to access the same data Google and AC Transit use, bringing opportunities for user-made apps to better serve riders of AC Transit.

For more information, go to