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Meeting October 6th Regarding Balboa Park Station Constructrion

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Join the SFMTA and BART October 6th, at the San Francisco CIty College, to discuss the upcoming construction impacts to Balboa Park Station. The meeting will be held on CCSF’s Ocean Ave campus on 50 Phelan Ave, in the Multi-Use Building, room 140.


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MUNI Heritage Weekend is Coming Up!

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The two famous MUNI boatcars in front of the Ferry Building during last year's Heritage Weekend, on November 24th.

The SFMTA and Market Street Railway will be celebrating MUNI Heritage Weekend September 26th & 27th! Heritage Weekend celebrates MUNI's contribution and history to the City of San Francisco.

Everything on display will be at the Market Street Railway Museum & Gift Shop, at Steuart Street. But what will be there?

Look out for historic buses serving as "galleries on wheels," and as tour buses! Vintage photographs, some never before seen, will be on display. Between 10 AM and 5 PM, these old buses will give lucky riders a tour of Downtown both days. 

What else? How about a 1950 green and cream livery Marmon-Herrington trolley coach, an iconic 1975 white and orange Flyer trolley coach, and the 1969 maroon and yellow GMC motor coach? Sure! 

More? Yes! Come check out a 109-year old vintage cable car in definitive service on the California Cable Car Line. And if you don't want to bring any money, take a ride on the free #1 cable car, the very first publicly-owned cable car in service in the United States.

Hop on board an open-topped boatcar for extraordinary views of the San Francisco Bay and the waterfront. 

This same weekend, on September 26th, the SFMTA will re-introduce MUNI Forward, which will dramatically improve service on several lines and add brand-new electric & trolley buses.

A new MUNI trolley bus being tested in the Potrero District in San Francisco on March 19th, 2015.

For more information on MUNI Heritage Weekend, visit

A Closer Look at MUNI's Service Improvements September 26th!

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These maps provide a detailed illustrative explanation of what some of MUNI's convenient bus improvements will look like September 26th!

Say hello to the new 7X Noriega Express! Previously, the 7X terminated at 4th & Market, meaning passengers would have to transfer to another bus, although the easiest option would be to just walk. Now, the 7X will continue all the way down Market to Main and Steuart, where it will turn around.

This huge improvement to the 7X will officially begin September 27th.

The new and improved 18 46th Avenue and the 57 Parkmerced have been designed to work together to provide seamless transfers between the two lines and other neighborhoods in San Francisco.

The 47 has taken over the 18 around the Lake Merced loop. Several stops have been added to the 57 close to schools and religious structures. The frequency of the 57 will also be increased, from every 30 minutes to every 20 minutes. 

The 29 Sunset is one of the most crowded buses in the MUNI System, and the line is about to be shortened (slightly) for quicker access to other areas. Stops on Mission and Geneva will no longer be served. Instead, the 29 will run along Ocean Ave, saving three minutes.

Next week, we'll explore the changes being made to lines 28, 28R, 43 and 9/9R. For more information on the 57, 7X, 18, and 29, click on’s-sept-26-route-changes.

Line 38 Reroute During Union Square Construction 9/14-15

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During Central Subway construction, MUNI Line 38 Geary (outbound) will reroute around Union Square. The two missed stops will be Geary & Kearny and Geary and Powell. Alternate stops will be Market & Montgomery and Geary & Taylor.

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Detailed Information on MUNI Service Improvements!

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If you live in and around San Francisco, get excited - MUNI's third addition of MUNI Forward, a massive list of improvements for the MUNI system, is back on September 26th, bringing much more frequency on MUNI's busiest lines.

You'll see 30 new 60-foot articulated hybrid-electric buses, as well as 7 new 60-foot articulated trolley buses (electric) on September 26th!

And thus begins the extensively long list of service improvements on MUNI lines:

9R San Bruno Rapid: Buses come every 8 minutes instead of every 12 minutes.

22 Fillmore: During AM trips, the 22 will run every 7 minutes, compared to 9, and every 7 minutes compared to 8 minutes during PM trips.

24 Divisadero: Buses will run every 9 minutes instead of 10.

57 Parkmerced: Buses will be 20 minutes apart, compared to every 30 minutes.

43 Masonic: There will be more buses in the morning, every 9 minutes compared to 10, and every 10 minutes, compared to 12, in the evening.

21 Hayes: There will be extended hours in the morning, and more buses, every 8.5 minutes opposed to 10, in the evening.

18 46th Ave: During the weekend, buses will run every 20 minutes instead of 25.

1 California: Buses will come every 7 minutes, compared to 8, in the daytime on weekends.

14X Mission Express: Service will start earlier at 6:15 AM.

38AX/BX Geary Express: Service will be extended to 9:10 AM.

N Judah: There will be an added two-car train during the AM peak hour commute to MUNI's busiest Metro line.

K Ingleside/T Third Street: There will be two 1-car trains added during peak commute times, and trains will arrive every 8 minutes instead of 9.

And thus concludes the extensively long list of service improvements on MUNI lines. But there still is a little more: MUNI will be shifting several lines' schedules to enable passengers to make better connections to neighborhoods throughout San Francisco. These lines include:


  • 7X Noriega Express
  • 9/9R San Bruno
  • 18 46th Avenue
  • 28/28R 19th Avenue
  • 29 Sunset
  • 43 Masonic
  • 57 Parkmerced

Be prepared for a better MUNI! For more information, please visit

Taxi Services Division in SF Closed in Honor of Labor Day

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The Taxi Services Division will be closed in San Francisco in honor of Labor Day, September 7th. MUNI apologizes for the inconvenience.

Free MUNI Bus Service During BART's Transbay Shutdown

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As many have heard, during Labor Day weekend, September 5th, 6th and 7th, BART will shut down the Transbay Tube to repair a critical section of track near the tube.

To reach San Francisco, BART will provide a lifeline bus service from 19th Street/Oakland to the Transbay Temporary Terminal, and back again. AC Transit Lines F and O will take you to SF as well. A fun alternative it to ride the San Francisco Bay Ferry!

In San Francisco, MUNI lines 5, 38, 38R, and the 7 will be free of charge for any passengers who board at the Transbay Temporary Terminal, Beale, and Market Street. 

For more details, visit

MUNI Service Changes During Labor Day Weekend

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MUNI Metro & Historic Streetcar service will be altered during Labor Day Weekend due to multiple construction projects.

There will be changes made to Historic Streetcar service. The new E Embarcadero (Fisherman's Wharf - 4th & King/CalTrain) will not run at all. The F Market (Castro - Fisherman's Wharf) will be served by buses.

Several major changes will be made to Metro service. The T Third will only run as far north at 4th & King. The K Ingleside will stop at Embarcadero. The only line to CalTrain (4th & King) will be the N Judah, albeit with possible delays due to single-tracking.

Past 9:30 PM, the MUNI Metro Bus Shuttle will runs from West Portal to 4th & King. MUNI will operate a Labor Day schedule. There will be Metro service after the Billy Joel concert.

For more details, go to

Meeting October 6th Regarding Balboa Park Station Constructrion

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Join the SFMTA and BART October 6th, at the San Francisco CIty College, to discuss the upcoming construction impacts to Balboa Park Station. The meeting will be held on CCSF’s Ocean Ave campus on 50 Phelan Ave, in the Multi-Use Building, room 140.

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Welcome Back MUNI Forward

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MUNI has had consistent trouble with on-time performance. All MUNI vehicles roughly have a 60% on-time performance each month. And even though upcoming service improvements may not downright solve this impending issue, 140,000 riders are about to be very pleased!

The second time MUNI's massive service improvements hit San Francisco came on April 25th, 2015, when the SFMTA released MUNI Forward. The program added dozens of new buses, more bus shelters, renamed all "Limited" lines to "Rapid, and oversaw the renaming of several lines to better reflect their destinations.

Now, MUNI's at it again. Coming on September 26th, 30 brand-new articulated 60-foot hybrid electric buses will be put into service, as well as 7 new articulated 60-foot trolley buses (zero-emissions). 

Riders of the 1 California, 9R San Bruno Rapid, 18 46th Avenue, 21 Hayes, 22 Fillmore, 24 Divisadero, 43 Masonic, and 57 Parkmerced won't have to wait as long for the bus!

The N Judah will receive increased morning service, and the K Ingleside and T Third Street will have more trains during both rush hours!

MUNI is also adding new, larger buses to the 1AX during the morning commute, and to the 14X for both rush hours.

Riders of the 14X will be able to board their bus even earlier - service will begin at 6:15 AM! On the 38AX/BX, service has been extended to 9:10 AM. 

MUNI wants everybody to seamlessly reach any neighborhood in San Francisco. With that comes the extensions of some of MUNI's largest, most significant lines:


  • 7X Noriega Express
  • 9/9R San Bruno
  • 18 46th Avenue
  • 28/28R 19th Avenue
  • 29 Sunset
  • 43 Masonic
  • 57 Parkmerced

MUNI has listened to everybody, and is in no way ready to stop improving. MUNI has barely started replacing their bus fleet, and service improvements will never end. 

On September 26th, be prepared for a better MUNI! For more information, visit